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Things Everyone Ought To Know About Staph Infections

Regardless of what some people might like to believe, there really is bacteria everywhere. Even the cleanest, most spotless, most sterilized location in the planet has at least one bacterial agent. The same is true for the human body, which plays host to an impressive range of bacteria. For the most part, these agents are either harmless or actually beneficial to the functions of the body. The beneficial ones shouldn’t give anyone any real reason to worry, but the harmless ones can occasionally make the shift to […]

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Rising Cases of Staph Infection in the US Schools

Staph infections have forced some schools in the United States to temporarily end classes. According to officials from the one county in Southern Virginia, a total of twenty-one schools were closed down to prevent the spread of a dangerous bacterial infection that led to the death of a 17- year old high school student. The student died because of a drug-resistant staph infection known as Methicillin-resistant Stapphylococcus Aureus, or MRSA. The said infection is now a public health issue being discussed beyond South Virginia’s borders. According to […]

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